SEO – Before and After! Note the Changes to Know How!

Here’s a scenario –

Year 2016:

A startup – Dolby House was taking its initial steps in the architecture domain. Since two new entrepreneurs headed it, apart from the usual promotional activities around a company, they had not taken other measures.


Even after a considerable period, their market did not expand on a global level since they did not grow their domain to include the online readers.

Year 2017:

Dolby House is currently one of the most searched architectural firms in the global market. Their expansion has led them to receive awards in this realm multiple times, and currently, they are planning to open up specific retail outlets in chosen countries.

What’s new?

After facing a couple of losses, the company started to make its presence felt online via SEO tools. With time, they not only recovered their losses but also ensured that they reach people’s rooms.

Fact: In 2017, Google almost reached 79% regarding global desktop search traffic rate and went far ahead of other engines. Hence, one can understand how important it is to make one’s presence felt.

So, the query that one may have now is – what is that USP which SEO brings with itself?

The ‘it’ factor which SEO brings with itself.

Check these out before starting off a prospective business –

  1. Exploring new domains – individuals to markets

With the help of SEO tools, an organisation can explore fresh waters – be it individuals who have been looking for that particular outlet or markets as a whole looking for a change. Having more than 250 million websites on the internet, it is the worst phase of competition for any company. With the help of such tools, one can get permanent results that will hold on to for quite some time.

  1. Conversion rates – A much-needed change

As per data – 60% of likes go in for the initial results leaving only a mere 40% for the remaining million results. Hence, one can very well understand the range of traffic which must be converted from mere readers (if they reach one’s website) to potential clients and consistent buyers.

Only an SEO technique can help to convert these mere visitors to loyal base. For any company, having such a base is important for its future development. Therefore, to improve conversion rates, SEO is a must – the ‘it’ factor.

  1. Synced with latest developments online

With the competitors working on new strategies, it can be well said that search engines are indeed the fastest changing industry. It is only SEO that can help match the trends and keep your company’s offerings in sync with latest online developments.

This strategy increases navigability of one’s website and optimize descriptions and tags for further reach -out.

  1. Brand awareness – newsletters to analytical details

Setting a benchmark – the ULTIMATE job of these SEO tools. With quantifiable results and maximum return on investment, a correct SEO technique as newsletter publication can help gain those eyeballs which in future would help the organisation to move ahead.

Also, a comprehensive analytical study helps to decode demographic details which are a must for creating a brand.

Hence, one can very well understand how important it is to ensure that one has the correct set of SEO tools to cement their respective position in this competitive world. A reminder: Get an authentic organisation to assist in this SEO procedure since – experience matters the most in this regard.

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